Navratilova nostalgia

> unseeded “ladies” > playing patta-atta-cake > ruled by the baseline 

> “gentlemen” top seeds > running freely on the court > Where are the Women?

 After watching some of the Wimbledon coverage on BBC TV.  

2 thoughts on “Navratilova nostalgia

  1. Funny the way language is gradually evolving so Women are taking over from Ladies!! It’ll take a while yet, though! My best tennis memories are of the year Stan Smith and Rod Laver etc were playing, and Chris Evert and Billy Jean King, et al. We watched the television in a classroom in the New Building. I always wished I had tried harder to do tennis but got discouraged because I wasn’t one of the sporty clique!


    1. My earliest Wimbledon memories are Billie Jean King in the sixties and Evonne Goolagong (1971). Followed by all those Martina vs Chris matches …


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