This Mother’s Army

First rule in the army – NEVER COMPLAIN.

Bath-time fun and games.

SgtMajor I-have-to-do-everything-myself : runs water into the bath at correct depth and temperature.

Recruit Awkward : “the water smells and there are black bits in it”.

SgtMajor I’m-not-taking-any-lip-from-you : “stop making a fuss and get in the bath”.

Recruit Awkward : climbs into bath and sits down.

SgtMajor Never-waste-a-spare-moment : fetches woollen cardigan to hand wash. Starts to run hot water into empty hand basin. “The water’s dirty, I can’t use that!”

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Christmases long passed

quietly driving
through the winter afternoon
greeting westward elms
twigs like hands stretched out to hold
cloths of pink and powder blue

Many thanks to the long-departed William Butler Yeats for the beautiful imagery in his poem “Aedh wishes for the cloths of heaven”.